Studio Neat

Studio Neat

We make simple products that we hope people enjoy

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Here at Studio Neat, we design tools for people.

They include the Glif, the Cosmonaut, and the Neat Ice Kit.

  • Mark One — A Minimal, Durable, Retractable Pen
  • Panobook — A Notebook for Your Desk
  • Material Dock — Wood Docks for Your Apple Stuff
  • Glif — A Tripod Mount for Smartphones
  • Canopy — Keyboard Case and iPad Stand
  • Cosmonaut — Wide-Grip Stylus for Touchscreens
  • Apple TV Remote Stand
  • Neat Ice Kit — A Set of Tools for Creating Perfect Ice
  • Simple Syrup Kit
  • Highball — Share and Collect Cocktail Recipes
  • Slow Fast Slow — Control the Speed of Your iPhone Videos
  • Frameographer — Time-Lapse and Stop Motion Movies on your iPhone

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