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Bookmark Management

Pinboard is a personal archive for things you find online and don't want to forget

Pinboard is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed.

  • Pinboard is very fast
  • You can sync bookmarks from many outside sites
  • You can connect up to three Twitter accounts
  • The site is reliable
  • Pinboard favors a minimalist, lightweight design with high information density
  • The pricing plan is simple and inexpensive
  • Everything on the site is available as an RSS feed
  • You can import and export data in a wide variety of formats
  • The site offers handy browser plugins, and a way to save open tabs
  • The site caters to users who value privacy. Half of users have no public bookmarks
  • There's a full API and an extensive family of third-party clients
  • You get timely support straight from the developer, via email or Twitter
  • The site has a sane business model that would be familiar to your grandparents

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