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What is Slow Companies?

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There are 2 products we currently provide: Todoist and Twist.


The Best To Do List App & Task Manager

  • Capture and organize tasks with Quick Add
  • Remember deadlines and build habits
  • Review the day or week ahead
  • Map out your projects & goals
  • Highlight what’s important
  • Free up mental space
  • Stay on track
  • Measure your progress
  • Review your completed tasks


Calmer, more organized remote work

  • Twist was built for a more intentional way of working together
  • Transparent, organized, and respectful of your team’s time and attention
  • Keep conversations organized, on topic, and easy for anyone to follow
  • Make sure everyone – from the CEO to the newest team member – can find the information they need
  • Liberate your team from constant interruptions
  • Better feedback, better decisions, and ultimately better teamwork
  • No online/offline indicators
  • Notify just the right people
  • Full control over notifications
  • Take time off (really off)
  • Collaborate with guests
  • Link with the tools you already use
  • Built for any remote-friendly team

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